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Reliability, security and environmental concern together with transparency towards the investors are a daily priority

About DIS

d’Amico International Shipping S.A. (DIS) is the d’Amico division operating in the Product Tanker sector, listed since 2007 on the Milan Stock Exchange. It has a modern fleet specialized in the transport of refined petroleum products, serving the main petroleum companies and trading companies. Endorsing MARPOL/IMO* regulations, the Company can also transport vegetable oil and other chemical products. With chartering and operations offices in strategic locations such as Dublin, London, Singapore and Stamford, DIS offers a unique 24/7 client service.  

* As at end of September 2018, 72% of the DIS fleet has IMO classed

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Reasons to Invest

DIS operates exclusively product tankers in a market that can count currently on very strong fundamentals

DIS has a young and technologically advanced fleet


One of the few operators that can employ a large portion of its fleet on long-term contracts with oil majors


First-class technical management with long-term vetting approval from the main oil majors


Strong banking relationships


International reach with offices in key locations worldwide, increasing employment opportunities

Main transported commodities on the period 2017

Clean product









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